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Why Choose Apex Exterior Washing to Clean Your Roof?

Cleaning your own roof is no easy task. Without the required knowledge and training, roof cleaning can become a dangerous job. You could easily fall off of a ladder, slip on a loose shingle, or slide on a wet section of your roof. Calling a professional, licensed and insured company specializing in the project is your best bet to get the results you want.

Our expert crew will clean and sanitize your roof safely and efficiently without harming your landscape or damaging property. Using state-of-the-art tools and methods, we eliminate algae and other organic material that may be destroying your shingles and shortening the lifespan of your roof.

Apex Exterior Washing Services is located in China Grove, NC. We are proud to serve the surrounding areas including Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville, Mooresville, Kannapolis, Landis, and Salisbury.

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Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof With Soft Washing

Your roof is one of your home’s most important lines of defense against the natural elements. Rain, wind, dirt, and all sorts of other materials constantly make contact with your roof. Not all of it stays there, but if it does it can stay for a long time. 

Take a look at your roof and see if it has black or green streaks or spots on it. If it does, your home is already being attacked by organic substances such as algae, mold, mildew, or lichens. Shingle damage, rotten wood, and insulation failure are all possibilities if the issue is not resolved.

Do you have black streaks on your roof or other areas of your home?

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Metal Roof Cleaning

Dirt, leaves, sticks, pollen, mold, mildew, and other materials tend to get stuck on metal roofing. Each of these substances can degrade paint over time negatively affecting the performance and aesthetics of your roof. In order to prolong your roof’s lifespan, routine cleaning and maintenance are recommended. 

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Tile Roof Cleaning

Moss, algae, and other organic growth are commonly discovered on tile roofs that are not regularly maintained. Tile roofs allow water and excess moisture to runoff; however, debris can still block the waters’ path. Your best option is to hire a professional to remove debris and clean the tile without cracking or chipping it.

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Shingle Roof Cleaning

Black and green algae will destroy shingle roofing if not dealt with properly. However, trying to remove these organic materials with the wrong tools could do just as much if not more damage. You don’t want to damage the shingles with too much water pressure or cause water to flow underneath them and into your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas

What are the black streaks on my roof and where do they come from?

The black streaks on your roof and other areas of your home come from a black algae known as “gloeocapsa magma.” Many homeowners think of algae as a green substance so when they see black on their roof they think it is mold or something else. They are correct in their thinking that the algae is actually green, but what they don’t realize is the reason it looks black is because there is so much of it. Additionally, this type of algae has the ability to generate a darker pigment to protect it from ultra-violent rays. 


Gloeocapsa Magma makes it to your home and roof through spores that are carried by just about anything including you. Most likely, the spores were airborne and landed on your roof before beginning to grow. In the Charlotte area, temperatures can reach the mid 90’s in the summer and yearly precipitation is above the national average. Both of these factors contribute to an increased growth of algae.

Besides aesthetics, how do black streaks negatively effect my roof?

To begin with, curb appeal is one of the factors people consider when deciding if they want to get their roof cleaned. You don’t often realize how dirty your roof is until you see it clean.


The black streaks on your roof can attract heat, increasing temperatures to upwards of 150 degrees during summer months in the Charlotte area. The excessive heat will eventually melt away your shingles resulting in a lot of damaged and insulation failure. If your roof has black streaks on it you could potentially save up to 40% on your electric bill just from decreasing the overall  temperature of your home.

Can you get rid of black streaks and keep them from coming back?

We can definitely get rid of the black streaks through soft washing, but we can not guarantee that you will never have algae again. The reason is because even if we eliminate all the organic material and wash away all dirt and soil that currently exists on your roof, new dirt, soil, and spores could potentially land on your roof and start growing in the future. 

Do you use high pressure when cleaning a roof?

No, we only soft wash when roof cleaning so we don’t damage your shingles, paint, or anything else that could be ruined from high pressure.

Does soft washing hurt my roof in any way?

Soft washing will not hurt your roof and it is the preferred method of cleaning with roofing manufacturers. The lower pressure used in soft washing prevents damage to your shingles. The cleaning solutions we use for soft washing will not hurt your roof in any way.

What about my landscaping and plants around my house.

The only way your landscaping can be harmed during a roof cleaning is if large quantities of cleaning solution run off the house, lands on your plants, and is not rinsed off.


To prevent cleaning solution from damaging your landscaping, we pre and post rinse your plants as well as rinsing throughout the cleaning process. This decreases absorption, dilutes the cleaning solution and washes it off of your plants and the surrounding area. As long as these methods are employed, your plants will be 100% safe.

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